HSA’s 60th Anniversary!

A Year of Reflection

The HSA Digital Collective is a yearlong experience that utilizes videography, photography, mixed media, and found imagery to document an unequivocally historical time. Each project will allow students to write and develop works that respond to their personal experiences in the current climate. Students will digitally document their processes through data storage on a cloud and will share their processes with one another with the intention of holding open discussions about the works at hand. This collaborative approach will allow students to also work with students from other disciplines to complete small projects together. Through students strengthening their understanding and application of these various mediums, they will then delve into visual communication through social media. After committing to months of documenting, collecting, and editing, students will create a digital yearbook—the HSA Digital Collective—that encompasses their unique voices through digital images, moving images, images gathered from media outlets and the internet, and scans/photographs of pieces created by hand. The Harlem School of the Arts will dedicate an interactive webpage to the HSA Digital Collective, which will be available at the end of the school year.