Coding for Kids

Teacher: Molly Ritmiller

In Coding for Kids we have learned the basics of code in Scratch. We have coded our own games and animations, building on basic math concepts such as the coordinate system, scientific notation, and logic based instructions. Students began with simple sketches and grew their skills to more complex gameplay with custom made backgrounds and characters. Students have developed their own digital creation skills, and a sensibility for the basics of creative computation, they are creative coders!

  • Click Game: Code

  • Click Game: Welcome

  • Click Game

  • Dodgeball Game: Code

  • Dodgeball Game: Code2

  • Dodgeball Game

  • Flappybird Game Code

  • Flappybird Game

  • Naruto Game scratch animation code

  • Penguin Game Code

  • Penguin Game

  • Ping-Pong Game Code

  • Ping-Pong Game Code 2

  • Ping-Pong Game

  • WWE Game Scratchimation

  • Zeus Click Game: Code

  • Zeus Click Game: Code 2

  • Zeus Click Game



Zeus Click Game


Ping Pong

Naruto scratchimation


Space click game:

Penguin click:

WWE Scratchimation: