Coding for Teens

Teacher: Molly Ritmiller

We have taken on longer term projects to continue skill building and developing our own practice with creative coding. A feature length animation was built with customized characters, backgrounds, and original sound recordings. A remix of the classic Atari Snake game was developed, again using customized visuals and sound recordings to create an original and challenging game. Each project was thoroughly developed to create an immersive experience with great attention to detail, and top-notch coding to make it happen. Using basic math concepts and logic programming, we developed code skills which look for the best, clearest ways to problem solve and create the desired outcomes both in visual animation and interactive gameplay. Furthermore, we have developed a unique and personal style as creative coders!

  • Snake Game

  • Snake Game: Code

  • Snake Game play

  • Mario Game Animation

  • Mario Game Animation Code

Links to games


(feature length)

(shorter, meme style)


(inspired by atari Snake)