Digital Sculpture for Kids

Teacher: Molly Ritmiller

We have taken our understanding of how to sculpt with our hands and translated it into the digital/virtual dimension. We brought our digital creations in a full loop and translated them back into physical sculptures with a 3D printer (before quarantine). In addition to developing this sensibility for virtual and physical 3D making, we learned about 3D printing and additive manufacturing. Students were able to watch a 3D printer work, and learn about its parts, how to troubleshoot and the basics of FDM printing. We also created animations of our 3D creations, and collaborated on a group 3D project. Together we modelled a whole town: Marigold Township, full of people, buildings, cars, and plants. Students have developed a refined skill set in digital fabrication and rendering, they are digital artists!

Group Project Video

3D file publicly accessible here: