HSA’s 60th Anniversary!

HSA Media Arts celebrates Harlem’s legendary visual artists through a powerful curriculum facilitated by a positive, supportive faculty who inspire participant creativity, confidence and communication.

Classes include a spectrum of multimedia, including digital art design, coding, animation, gaming, comic-book, photography and video, while providing early start foundation fine arts classes for young kids. These classes provide the building blocks necessary to navigate the evolving digital landscape. Young people get to explore design in a safe space following sequential learning skill building in case a student decides to one day pursue media arts at the pre-professional level. It is fitting that our current digital renaissance is being explored in Harlem at HSA Media Arts.




Animation Fundamentals. Spring 2021
Art Exploration. Spring 2021
Comic Book. Spring 2021
Comic Book Fundamentals. Spring 2021
Digital Media Exploration. Spring 2021
Digital Photography, Film and Video. Spring 2021
Drawing From Life. Spring 2021