HSA’s 60th Anniversary!
  • How early can you start? Do you offer classes for toddlers?

    Group classes begin at age 2. The HSA Early Childhood program offers classes for children ages 2 to 4 years old, see details and class descriptions on each department’s page.  Several of the early childhood education classes require an adult caregiver participate!

  • How many weeks is a term and how long are classes?

    Each semester runs for 16 weeks. Classes  generally last between 30 minutes to 2 hours, and students may take as many classes as they like during our 32-week school year.

  • Does my child need to have his or her own instrument to take a class?

    Yes. However, for those students who do not have access to an instrument, HSA can provide a list of stores that rent a variety of instruments.

  • How will I know what level class my child should be taking?

    Ages 2-6 require no assessment for classes; simply choose the class that is the right fit for your child’s age. For dance classes and private music lessons, each student will be given an assessment by the department to determine the appropriate placement level for classes.

  • What do you offer for students who want to pursue art as a profession?

    Students, ages 12-17, interested in pursuing a career in the arts would benefit from HSA Prep, which provides accelerated arts training to prepare students for a continued education in the arts.

  • May I volunteer to help HSA?

    Absolutely! As a nonprofit, we’re always looking for great volunteers and interns to help keep our School running at its best. If you would like to make a difference and join our network of volunteers, please email jobs@HSAnyc.org.

  • ¿Hablan español?

    En HSA también hablamos español y podemos traducir sus documentos al español. Para otros idiomas, necesitamos una solicitud por adelantado. Comuníquese con la oficina del registrador mediente el teléfono: (212) 926-4100, extensión 300.

  • Will HSA be open for on-site classes?

    We are currently offering only remote classes. We will return to offering classes in our building when it is safe to do so.

  • Will HSA be open to the public?

    We are currently closed to the public. Our office staff is working remotely and can be reached at info@hsanyc.org