HSA’s 60th Anniversary!

HSA Musical Theater introduces the fundamentals of musical theater to young actors.

Whether they have hopes of one day singing and dancing on Broadway and around the world, or just want to have three disciplines in one kind of fun, this program is for everyone, absolute beginners and those with experience. From one of the most important works of the Harlem Renaissance, Shuffle Along, 1921 and the notable song, Love will Find a Way, to the innovative musicals of today, musical theater has been an important link for all of the three performing disciplines to come together.


Students who participate in this program get to sing in Musical Theater classes from HSA Music, get to move and tap in HSA Dance and learn acting technique from HSA Theater. Faculty work together, connect their curricula and submerge the student into a complete experience, full of creativity, collaboration and expression. From pitch recognition, breathing techniques and vocal projection to storytelling, theater and dance, the importance of ensemble, teamwork and performance are explored and celebrated. Students develop confidence, coordination and interdisciplinary industry standard skills, but more importantly, experience life lessons that follow them into adulthood, highlighted in three disciplines. Harlem is where so many innovative ideas have been born, ideas that broke stereotypes and elevated the oppressed, through the arts. How appropriate that HSA Musical Theater is a safe space for budding young artists to continue that tradition through three disciplines. The program includes in class showings and culminating performance presentations.

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