HSA’s 60th Anniversary!

HSA Theater houses young performers from a long line of actors. From Paul Robeson to Ethel Waters, the Harlem Renaissance provided opportunities for artists to speak their truth and stand in their light.

HSA Theater provides those same opportunities for young people. Classes are led by working professionals, bringing real world experience to every class. Ages 3 through adults are offered all levels of interest, from the curious beginner through the young professional. Classes are sequential for children who choose theater as their passion so that each class builds on the skills learned in previous classes. A student graduating from the program has been exposed to all of the skills and life lessons necessary for higher education in theater or life in general. Like the interdisciplinary nature of the Harlem Renaissance, these programs also include exposure to dance, music and art. Students invited to our College Preparatory Prep and pre-Prep Program are required to take classes in other disciplines. Theatrical work emphasizes diction, improvisation, on camera experience and classical theater. All students get opportunities to perform in class presentations and end-of-year predictions. Select students by invitation or audition assessment participate in mainstage performances with public audiences. The study of theater provides multi-faceted benefits in improving speech, critical thinking, and confidence in public situations. Whether students are exploring theater for the first time as a hobby or preparing for higher learning or a professional career, HSA Theater continues Harlem’s tradition of submerging young people in rich theatrical experiences, preparing them for their lives.
In Fall of 2021, families will be required to purchase HSA branded dress code for classes that require them. This year, families will be given recommended vendors for the purchase.

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