HSA’s 60th Anniversary!

HSA Media & Design celebrates Harlem’s legendary artists through a powerful curriculum facilitated by a positive, supportive faculty who inspire participant creativity, confidence and communication.

Classes include a spectrum of multimedia, including digital art design, drawing, animation, Comic Book Art and painting. These classes provide the building blocks necessary to navigate the evolving digital landscape of art young people get to explore design in a safe space following sequential learning skill building in case a student decides to pursue art in a pre-professional level. It is fitting that the digital art renaissance of our time is being explored in Harlem at HSA Art & Design. Taught by a faculty of active art professionals, young people progress through our curriculum, welcoming the uniqueness of each student so that they can embrace their own creative process, feel safe and confidence enough for authentic individual expression and group collaboration. Our most passionate art students are invited into our fully funded college preparatory program and can take advantage of open studio hours for larger projects. Though music, dance and theater are not officially part of HSA Art & Design, we strongly encourage art students to explore our four other departments. Just as the Harlem Renaissance bore a community of artists that ultimately seeded the world, HSA Art & Design plants seeds of inspiration in young people that will grow them as empowered individuals, ready for higher education, a profession in the arts or a well rounded fulfilling life, impacting the world.


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